An adoption attorney in Kansas understands the often-complicated adoption process. This makes it important to hire an experienced lawyer that can help guide you through the difficult legal process of adoption. If adoption isn’t handled legally, it can result in the adoption being deemed invalid, which is heartbreaking. An experienced adoption attorney however can help you to avoid that unneeded pain and suffering.

How an Adoption Attorney Can Help Your Family

An adoption attorney in Kansas understands adoption law. In the state of Kansas, any adult or husband and wife can adopt a child in Kansas. A spouse cannot adopt without the consent of their spouse.

An adoption lawyer can help you to avoid illegal adoption traps, interpret adoption laws in Kansas, understand the legal process associated with an adoption, and work with all parties throughout your adoption.

Understanding Step Parent Adoption and Grand Parent Adoption in Kansas

We can help stepparents to become official dads or moms to the children that have completed their family. To adopt your spouse’s child or children, you must meet several requirements.

Termination of the other parent’s legal rights: The child’s other parent must consent to terminate their rights or the court itself must terminate said right. This means they won’t be obligated to pay child support and will lose all rights associated with custody and/or visitation. If they don’t consent, an adoption attorney can petition the court to terminate rights when they haven’t kept in contact with the child and/or paid child support or offered financial support for the required period. We also can help grandparents to adopt their grandchildren. An adoption attorney can also help with legal name changes or guardianships, if needed.

Contact a Professional Adoption Attorney Today

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