In terms of family matters such as alimony also called maintenance or spousal support, a knowledgeable Kansas family law attorney understands the laws associated with this important aspect of divorce. They represent you when you need legal help the most. They are skilled, experienced and have a proven track record of success for their clients. They work diligently in order to get their clients the results they want and deserve.

How a Spousal Support Attorney Can Help You

Alimony, maintenance, or spousal support can be awarded during a divorce proceeding in the state of Kansas. It is paid by one spouse to the other when receiving spouses have neither a sufficient income nor sufficient assets to support themselves when the marriage has ended. The Kansas Family Law Code requires the Court to find the amount of alimony is fair, just and equitable under all the circumstances, and sets forth different types of alimony, the duration of the payments and when the alimony can be either modified or terminated.

In Kansas, an experienced family law attorney understands and can explain the variations in the amount and length of the award as well as the ability to modify or terminate the award.. Until the tax law was revised in December of 2017, the paying spouse deducted the payments from their income and the receiving spouse had to claim the payments as income. Due to the change in the tax law it is more important than ever to have an experienced family law attorney representing you.

Alimony is not awarded permanently in Kansas, as the Code prohibits a Judge from awarding spousal support for a period in excess of 121 months. It is more common for someone that can no longer work or didn’t work during the marriage to be awarded 121 months of support. Alimony is generally more temporary. The length of the marriage and the value of each spouse’s assets help a judge to determine the length of alimony payments. A spousal support attorney can help present your case to get a fair judgment.

A Kansas court can also help with modification of maintenance when there has been a substantial change in circumstances. This type of change may affect the spouse’s ability to pay said alimony or a spouse that remarries may lose the right to continued spousal support.

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A spousal support attorney understands that these situations are unique. During a consultation with an alimony attorney, you can discuss important issues such as determining if alimony applies to your divorce, modification of maintenance in a past divorce, or modification of a divorce decree help. An alimony attorney fully understands all situations related to divorce and can offer professional legal representation when it is needed most. To talk to an alimony attorney in Kansas today, call 913-962-8700.