When it come to divorce or the breakup of unwed parents, a child custody attorney is a much-needed resource. They can help to streamline the legal process regarding child custody. They represent your interests in court and help you through this stressful time.

Benefits of Hiring a Child Custody Attorney

A child custody attorney is experienced with all things regarding child custody in Kansas. They can present a fact-based argument that is important during meditation or litigation. They also can address schooling, scheduling, medical decisions, and other important topics to you regarding your child. Visitation rights including frequency and duration are one of the most important issues regarding child custody. Regardless of the type of divorce or breakup, a child custody attorney can keep the primary focus of children in the forefront at all times.

What Do Child Focused Solutions Through Mediation Contain?

If you use an experienced child custody attorney as your mediator, they can help both parents to come to an agreement that works best for their family and their child/children Child-focused mediation is a type of mediation that ensures that the voice of the child is heard during this process. Child-focused meditators are trained in techniques that help families to shift the focus to their child/children. This means a conflict-focus state of mind is avoided, which is most common in these types of situations. Ultimately, the family is a system and the goal in child-focused meditation is to rebalance the family during this life change. These meditators help parents to understand how their breakup or divorce affects their child. The goal is to help them to see their parenting duties as a business relationship with the goal to develop healthy and well-rounded children. The mediator may ask the parent “Would you say that to a co-worker?” The parents and the mediator determine what role the child will play in the mediation and may decide to have older children meet with the mediator. Child-focused solutions through mediation help parents to help their children who are struggling due to the family split.

Hire a Child Custody Attorney to Help Guide You

A child custody attorney in Kansas has the experience and skills needed to guide you through child custody proceedings. A child-focused mediator’s goal is to ensure that both parties are satisfied with their agreement. If you or a loved one need help from a professional lawyer, call us today at 913-962-8700 for a consultation.