When it comes to divorce, divorce mediations are always better than litigation. Mediation helps to cut down the cost, time and stress associated with divorce. While divorce is a legal matter, attorney-assisted mediation helps couples feel more comfortable throughout this difficult life event. Mediation is when spouses meet with a qualified neutral legal professional to discuss their financial and/or child-related issues regarding their divorce. It allows them to create an out-of-court settlement that works for both parties and is typically less expensive than a divorce proceeding in court.

Attorney-Mediators Helps Make Divorce Easier

Attorney-Mediators can help a couple to come to an agreement that benefits both of them. Our skilled and experienced legal team can help parties to communicate and work together to come to an agreement in a timely manner. We are committed to offering expert divorce mediation advice in and around Kansas.

The experienced divorce attorney-mediator sets the tone of negotiations, gathers information, and then finalizes the documents throughout the process. The mediator is a neutral party who helps couples communicate, offers multiple options, and helps them to reach an overall agreement. The mediator can explain the legal process and offer the parties support throughout the experience.

The attorney-mediator doesn’t represent either party. The attorney-mediator just offers legal guidance to the parties. The clients themselves are responsible for making decisions with the help of a divorce attorney-mediator. Attorney-assisted mediation lowers the cost of divorce while providing helpful legal resources. It is also quicker as the couples communicate directly with each other. The proceedings are confidential and only the final settlement paperwork becomes a part of the Court record. This process often helps to reduce conflict as it is direct.

Mediation is helpful in that it offers flexibility. The process can move as quickly or as slowly as the parties want.

Attorney-Assisted Mediation Option

You may feel the need to hire a separate attorney while going through a divorce mediation as you want an attorney that can provide you with specific legal advice or assist you in formulating strategy and evaluating proposals. The attorney that you hire to help with mediation will be key in directing you to gather information that may be needed to evaluate the case, using paystubs, tax records, real estate documents, retirement records, just to name a few. The attorney helps assist you in creating strategies through the process considering relevant case law and applicable statutes. The goal of the Attorney- Assisted mediator is to help you reach an acceptable settlement while coaching you to use your voice throughout the process.

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Whether you are looking for an experienced divorce attorney to mediate your divorce or looking for an attorney to assist you while mediating, the attorney will be helping you reach a reasonable settlement without the stress and expense of litigation. To schedule a consultation with an experienced Kansas divorce attorney trained in mediation , call 913-962-8700 today.