When it comes to the construction industry, disputes can be damaging and very costly. However, with the right drafting of construction contracts, many disputes can be avoided or at least minimized. With the help of contractor representation from a construction disputes attorney, you can protect yourself the way you deserve.

What do Commercial Construction Disputes and Construction Law Disputes Contain?

A construction dispute attorney deals with a lot of complicated situations. For instance, delay and labor impact claims can hurt the owner because it threatens the revenue they’re anticipating from a project and their standing with their lender. For contractors or subcontractors, this can lead to increased equipment or material costs or overhead. A construction disputes attorney may have years of experience working with scheduling experts in order to make sure that schedules are realistic for said project.

A quality of work claim applies to a situation where the standards of quality were not met. Payment claims also can occur if nonpayment has occurred. Bond and lien claims can also result in construction disputes. The type used depends on whether the project is private or public, mechanics liens apply to private projects and bond claims for public ones.

Some other common construction dispute claims include:

  • Project support
  • Project consulting
  • Change orders/extra work claims
  • Public bidding
  • Insurance coverage
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration

Hire Contractor Representation Today

Finding a construction disputes attorney that understands Kansas construction law is important as they can work to enforce these laws with ease, giving you peace of mind. We can represent contractors, property management companies, homeowners’ associations, condominiums or construction companies.

A construction dispute attorney in Kansas can offer contractor representation, subcontractor representation, owner representation, or architect representation when needed. If you or someone you know is involved in commercial construction disputes, it’s time to hire an attorney. Call 913-962-8700 to get started today.