Tax issues can arise in unexpected situations. and the attorneys at Evans & Mullinix, P.A. are trained to identify tax issues in matters that, at first glance, appear to be unrelated to taxes. In addition to recognizing the tax implications involved in all of the practice areas offered by Evans & Mullinix, P.A., our attorneys will assist in various matters such as negotiating settlements of debt, disposing of depreciated property and investing in a business, which can have tax implications that can be minimized or deferred. Tax resolution and tax planning assistance is offered for clients with an inability to pay personal state or federal income tax liabilities as well as employment, payroll or state sales tax liabilities.

The IRS and state Departments of Revenue can be disruptive in their attempts to collect taxes, and their use of liens, levies, garnishments and asset seizures can effectively put well-meaning taxpayers in deeper financial straits. Using the protections and procedures found in the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations, the attorneys at Evans & Mullinix are able to effectively negotiate payment plans, offers in compromise, audit reconsiderations, innocent spouse relief. Our attorneys can also assist in placing clients in “currently-not-collectible” status or representing them during collection due-process hearings in order to obtain relief from the hardship associated with state or federal revenue agencies’ collection actions.