When it comes to real estate matters, it’s important to have the expertise of a real estate attorney in Kansas by your side. They understand the laws pertaining to contracts and lease agreements and can confirm all requirements are followed when drafting them for their clients.

What is required of real estate contracts?

A real estate contract is a legal document between two parties for the purchase and sale or exchange of real estate. The sale of land is governed by specific laws that a real estate attorney is knowledgeable on. They can help this process be streamlined. All contracts must be in writing. A contract must identify the parties, identify the property, identify the purchase price, include signatures (all voluntarily), have a legal purpose, involve competent parties and include consideration. Consideration is something of value that is bargained for in exchange for the real estate. Oftentimes, a lawyer review period of several days is needed to check the contract fully to ensure it protects the rights of the client. Real estate contract work can also include one party making an offer or another one accepting an offer.

What is involved with a purchase/sale/lease of a dental practice/medical practice?

Whether a dental/medical practice, business, commercial building, office space or residence, the proper legal documents should be drafted with the help of an attorney to protect the parties involved.

During the sale of any of these things listed, it’s important that the proper precautions are taken. First, the practice or building/space should be appraised to value the real estate. An appraisal helps to provide a realistic price. If the practice itself leases its office, the lease should be evaluated to determine the remaining term and options to extend.

A lawyer can review these agreements to ensure they follow all laws and have everything necessary addressed, in order to protect both the buyer and the seller. They are well versed in legal documents and the requirements associated with each given one in the state of Kansas.

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