Other Services

A lawyer can also handle a variety of other services that are specific to a case. They have experience and skills to execute what is needed in order to successfully represent a variety of different clients.

What does a name change require?

A name change refers to the act of adopting a new name that is different from the one given to an individual at birth, marriage, or adoption. A lawyer will know the requirements by law in the state of Kansas for this change. Some reasons to change one’s name include:

  • To better fit one’s gender identity
  • Because of marriage/civil partnership
  • To avoid a stalker
  • To dissociate oneself from a former religion
  • To dissociate themselves from an ethnic origin
  • To revert to a former name
  • To make their name more catchy

What are AIA Contract Disputes?

A lawyer can help with upholding AIA documents. They are required in terms of resolving disputes by arbitration. A legal professional can help protect party interests during construction disputes and the arbitration, mediation and/or litigation associated with such disputes.

What is a Quiet Title?

An action to quiet title is a lawsuit that is brought in front of a judge over property disputes. A quiet title lawsuit is used to establish someone’s title to real property or personal property having a title. The quiet title lawsuit is brought to remove a cloud on the title. A lawyer can help someone to recover possession of land wrongfully occupied by someone or other property dispute issues.

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