Having a legal professional on your side when you’re in the process of evicting a tenant is important. A Kansas lawyer can help you to make sure that you’re following Kansas landlord tenant laws throughout this process.

What are eviction services?

An eviction is actually a lawsuit that is filed by a landlord to remove persons and their belongings from a property. Kansas eviction law states that depending on the situation, certain notices must be given to tenants, describing the tenants’ default or the legal reasoning behind the decision for the Landlord to start the eviction process.

The landlord must prove that the tenant violated their lease. During an eviction hearing, a real estate attorney can represent you to make sure your rights are protected the entire time.

An eviction case can result in:

  1. The tenant agreeing to move out
  2. The tenant not showing up in court and you winning by default
  3. The court ordering the tenant to move out after a hearing
  4. The tenant appealing the eviction

If the court grants your eviction, you must request a Writ of Possession so that the sheriff gives the landlord possession of the unit. This allows them to remove belongings from a unit. This also gives them the right to go into the unit at any time.

What is a forcible detainer?

A forcible detainer is filed and served when the tenant has stayed somewhere they weren’t allowed. For example, if the tenant gives the landlord notice they are moving out and then they do not move. The complaint must state that: the landlord was deprived of possession of their apartment, that they’re seeking to recover that possession, and that they sent a demand for possession prior to filing.

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